Qzee (qzee) wrote,

Title: 20 random facts about aberforth dumbledore
by: Qzeebrella
Disclaimer: aberforth is the creation of J.K. Rowling. No profit is being made from the below and no infringement is intended.
Rating: G
Written for The Harry Potter Random Facts Fest, rules and info can be found "here at insane journal"
Thanks Iulia for running this.

1. His first act of "accidental" magic was turning his brother Albus' completely purple for a week.

2. Aberforth had a toy plush goat he named Billy when he was younger that he always slept with. Until the day Dumbledore beheaded it and thus "killed" Billy for all intents and purposes.

3. Aberforth never forgave Dumbledore for killing Billy.

4. Aberforth watched as his brother blindly followed boy after boy and knew long before Albus did that his brother prefered boys

5. Aberforth had only one real friend before heading to hogwarts, a squib named Arabella who remained his friend in spite of Albus teasing them all the time with "Aberforth and Arabella sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g" song.

6. Though he knew Albus wasn't much different from other brothers, Aberforth was determined to be in any house other than his brothers and thus ended up being in Ravenclaw.

7. His brother's actions at hogwarts left Aberforth thinking Albus was a suck up who would end up being misled by the first charasmatic young man to take an interest in him.

8. Aberforth was the hogwarts chess champion five years in a row, defeating Albus every time they played a match together and was yet thought to be the lesser strategitition.

9. In fourth year he dated a third year witch named Minerva, which didn't work out as she was hopelessly Griffindor.

10. That and she just couldn't seem to understand the appeal of goats.

11. In seventh year he became an animagus, something his brother never managed, and made sure to register his form promptly.

12. After graduating Hogwarts, Aberforth took a year off to travel the world and lived as a muggle during it.

13. When he came back he found his brother hopelessly in love with a Wizard named Grindewald and tried to warn his brother repeatedly that Grindy couldn't be trusted. He should have known better than to think his brother would listen to him.

14. He worked with Nicholas Flamel while waiting for Albus to smarten up.

15. He resisted the temptation to say, "I told you so." When Albus finally saw Grindy for what he was.

16. He was one of the very few to know that Albus and Severus Snape had a "thing." A thing that lasted for years and that he had always hoped would develop into a formal bonding.

17. After the first war against Voldemort, Aberforth had wanted to retire to a goat farm, but delayed that upon Albus' request.

18. Aberforth was instrumental in helping Harry Potter clear Severus Snape's name, find the man, help the man to win Harry's heart and found a way for the two to live in relative anonymity.

19. A year after the war, he finally retired to the goat farm where he happily munched on grass, tin cans, and rubber tires.

20. And no, he hadn't gone crazy, he was just enjoying life in his animagus form, the goat. Including being able to flirt with attractive young nanny goats.


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